Daily UI #007 - Settings

Designing settings for something – like security or privacy settings, or game settings? What is important?

After several sketches for account settings, I decided to observe and redesign already existing interfaces. With the glass design, yes, that’s been a while since I designed something like that! However the glass design is quite modern, so in order to really make an impact, I need to choose an interface that looks… old.

World of Warcraft’s default UI is one of those. While it adds to the game’s fantasy, after doing some research, I found that many games prefer modern UIs. Some of them often uses the glass design even! Also, I know for a fact that many people use AddOns to modify the interfaces in World of Warcraft, to make it look more modern.

The glass design settings interface could take up a lot of resources on the PC due to the blurring background and transparency. However it could be an option for those who have those resources and wish to use a clean, modern UI for World of Warcraft.

Sound settings weren’t moved, only the design changed, and the way how the user can see the levels of the menus. “Breadcrumbs” and menu levels are important in such complex system, in my opinion.