UI / UX design


Responsive web design for my passion project about Nordic tourism. New features are continuously added.

Akademi redesign

The purpose of the new design is to improve UX using the quantitative and qualitative data we gathered.

iForm redesign

Our task was to test and optimize a landing page and the respective checkout process of iForm’s subscription.

Cycling in CPH

Iterations for a tourist information micro site about cycling in Copenhagen – a mini case study about iterations and user testing.

Live homepages


Volunteer work for a cat shelter to help them reach out to people, find sponsors, raise money and rescue our feline friends.

Catcafé Budapest

Homepage design and maintenance for the unique catcafé in Budapest, Hungary – the PURRfect place to be

Bike webshop

Designing a Hungarian webshop for bicycles, accessories for biking, clothing and parts in a custom CMS.


Responsive web design suggestion and initial design in WordPress using the client’s content and images.


Original design of a responsive homepage and webshop in their custom CMSfor a restaurant in Hungary. 

Other design ideas