Volunteer work for Catcafé Budapest and Macskavilág Foundation

I made new webpages for a Budapest based cat shelter and its café with WordPress CMS. The purpose of the webpages was to create a modern feel and look, and be mobile friendly so the foundation can document their successes, and be able to reach out to people to find sponsors, raise money or find temporary/permanent rescuers for cats.

Macskavilág Foundation

There’s an amazing organization in Hungary that rescues cats, and helps finding them a new home – be it a kitten, or an old gentleman.

But bad things happen to good people, and in their biggest time of need, their webpage got hacked and the content was lost.

As soon as I heard about it, I contacted the owner, because I have a special personal bond to this organization – I adopted my two cats from their shelter.

With the help of the hosting company, we restored as much information as possible from the old website. Then I remade the website in WordPress , CSS, and HTML. I even wrote some of the text there.

Catcafé Budapest

Cat Café Budapest is a special place located in the heart of Budapest. There are 15 cats in the café at the moment, ranging from maine coons to rescue cats. One is in for an extraordinary experience, since one can enjoy their coffee, prepare for an exam or go on a date among living, breathing cats of all kinds.

I made the website with WordPress, using HTML and CSS tweaks, and UI and UX principles. The content is available in both Hungarian and English, and I set up the layout and wrote a major part of the content, as well as translated it to English.