There are several myths on the internet about what your ideal diet should be, and they are rarely coming from professionals, making it difficult for people to distinguish actual information from incomplete ones. In all this noise, a professional dietitian stood up for those who wish to receive correct guidelines from a professional dietitian. This mission had to show in the visual communication of, as well, so the challenge was given…

The key tasks were to make it easy for people to find the page (SEO), as well as reflect the simple, straightforward communication in the design.


The page itself is a result of long and hard work. The initial design went through some changes, and during our brainstorms with Éva, we eventually decided to go with a clear, black-and-white design, spiced up with a bit of purple. This clear, content-centered design allows the users to focus on what’s written, without any distraction. This way, the design also reflects the Hungarian slogan, which literally translated means “being black and white about diets” – referring to the lack of clutter, or incomplete information. It’s just raw facts, brought to the audience by a professional dietitian who succesfully graduated at Hungary’s Semmelweis University.

Her food pictures for recipees and colourful infographics make the page exciting, proving how a careful, minimal design and content can be a winning combination.


Even though the name of the service is Penrose, is only a redirected domain. The main domain consists of the frequently searched keywords that are related to diet – diet and lifestyle. SEO was important in this case, since content is continuosly added to prepare services that help prevent cancer, and help recovery of cancer patients.