I was in the news...

On Tuesday one of my clients (who owns a gym) asked me to “do something nice” with their Facebook profile picture. I saw the opportunity and I took it…

It was pretty late and it was a horrible day anyway so I jokingly sent him this, as an answer. And he approved it. So I translated it to Hungarian (since it’s for a Hungarian place) and put the Hungarian text on it, along with the gym’s logo and phone number. I also edited the picture enough to get a worse quality so that traces of stamping won’t be THAT obvious. So this sign doesn’t exist. It’s entirely made in Photoshop. I have to admit, I was really afraid of that all the comments will be like “dude, it’s so badly photoshopped”.

Some complainers were very vocal about their dislike, and another gym even made a similar post in which they tell their guests how valuable they are. But the vast majority of the people actually found it funny. It got 125 likes in an hour and eventually ended up around 400 likes and more than a hundred shares. A few days later it was in the Hungarian news (HVG translates to Weekly World Economy) claiming that this is the “ad of the century”.

The article roughly translates to:

This is the ad of the century for sure

Royal Fitness Club from Vác uses really punchy advertising to attract those who wish to lose weight. We found this more than creative promotional material in a Facebook post and we really do wonder how many new clients it yielded. One thing is for sure, we reached a milestone in the world of commercials. It’s going to be hard to think of an ad that hits harder than this one.”