Daily UI #011 - Flash message (error/success)

This is a case study about my workflow and a review of Gravit Designer while creating the 11th project of the 100 Day UI challenge. It also got published on Medium.com

I’ve been recently using Gravit a lot for my Daily UI project, just to try and get used to different softwares. Even though Gravit has familiar keybinds to Adobe users, it’s a different environment, and I’m not working from muscle memory anymore. This makes the whole thing more exciting and more refreshing, which is a good way of not getting burnt out.

Why Gravit Designer?

For me, Gravit Designer replaces Adobe’s Illustrator – for free. It has everything I need for simple web graphics and vectors, like icons. The easy-to-use UI and familiar keybindings make my workflow fast, therefore I’m not hindered at work by swapping to Gravit.

Also have you seen their fancy purple UI?

Today’s project was a Flash message, both error and success.

I usually start with sketching on paper, and deciding about content first. It’s a lot easier to design around content, rather than trying to fit content in a given design. When I have the final content, and layout idea, I make wireframes in order to decide on sizing and layout. Sometimes elements get dropped in this phase, as well.

When the wireframe is done, I start thinking about colors, style and where this message is going to be used, and how to present my idea. I usually save wireframes and colored versions in separate files. Therefore should something go wrong, I can always start again from the wireframe.

After creating a simple dashboard as an example environment in which the message takes place, it’s ready to go on social media 🙂