Daily UI #008 - 404 page

I am designing a 404 page! Does it fit the brand’s guidelines? Is it user friendly?

I had two ideas to start with – I need to try one of the techniques that I read about in a recent article from Elegant Themes about new trends in 2018, and that it needs to fit a “brand” that I came up with for a new case study. Long story short; the brand it’s a travel agency that organises trips to Northern sites. Some aren’t a big fan of sand, bikinis and heat, me being one of them.

The technique is about weird, unusual header texts. While paragraphs still need to be easy-to-read, web designers can have fun with the header text. Therefore I put “404” as a type mask on top of a gloomy pine forest;

  • new technique – check
  • fitting brand guidelines – check

But how to make a 404 page more user friendly?

After someone decides to finally click, just to find out that the page doesn’t exist – it’s frustrating. Placing no links, or hoping that they will find what they need in the menu up above is not taking good care of one’s visitors. A link to the homepage is more user-friendly, but the frustrated visitor might not want to browse through the whole homepage. Placing links that can be relevant to the content they were looking for (offers, account or support) is a more user-friendly method. It allows them to start at the category they are most likely interested in, or ask for help. The menu is a good starting point, too, but links that otherwise are useful can be irrelevant at this point – like information about partnership and franchise.