about me

I am a versatile digital designer with front-end development skills and a good understanding of UX.

I’m shifting careers from marketing to UI design/development. I took online courses, did a lot of “learning-by-doing”, and I’m now graduating as a Multimedia Designer from the front-end elective at KEA.


Coming from marketing, and later customer service, it’s natural to me to always prioritize users. Marketing means a lot of research and critical thinking, too; we have to guess what’s the best for our buyers, then test it, verify it and adapt it. It’s all about massively catering for the end-user. Much like UX.

I have worked on the online presence of small businesses for 6 years, both at an agency, and as a freelancer. I experienced that marketing skills help me create better designs that make business goals and user needs meet.

My teammates say I give my best to the projects, and good at managing my time. They are happy that I understand them, listen to them, and communicate my ideas clearly towards them.

My clients enjoyed the fast, and precise work I did for them, and how well I worked under pressure and between tight deadlines. They appreciated my trustworthiness and my marketing-oriented approach to their projects.

Personally, I am a team player, eager to help, compromise and be diplomatic for the common good. I also enjoy planning and organizing, for example writing documentation, setting Trello up or keeping an eye on deadlines, priorities and postponed features. Therefore my plan on the long run is to become a SCRUM master, or a project manager, and/or serve as a link between design and development.

In production, I’m equally excited to work with UI and UX design, from wireframes and prototypes, through user testing, to actual design and implementation.