Petra Gergely

Copenhagen-based UI designer and developer with a long-time passion for creating functional and beautiful digital products.

I am studying Multimedia Design at KEA. I started this course to acquire skills I couldn’t get while I was working. I want to learn more about prototyping, UI and UX, and work as a UI designer/developer or help companies in their design handoff processes.

I use my experience and education in design and marketing to understand user behaviour and create delightful digital experiences for them.

Web design started as a hobby back when I was a teen, and I used to sit in my room, creating templates for MySpace or artistry for DeviantArt. I took a little detour to economics, but when the opportunity to work with webpages, and webshops showed up – I grabbed it!


Hard-coded microsites.
Made with HTML, CSS, JS, JSON, and passion.

Webapp for Huset København

A school project where I created a content inventory for Huset, wrote extra text, and fetched event details from WordPress with JSON.

Responsive magazine layout

A responsive magazine layout using my own photos, CSS grids and switch statements in JavaScript to enable 3 selectable color themes for it.

Interactive animation

With animated characters and spritesheets I made an interactive animation using JavaScript. Contains bad puns and cheeky banter.

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Mobile first, UX, iterating, UI kits, prototyping.
Made with different design softwares.


A passion project about a personal cause – tourism in Arctic areas. Wireframes, copywriting, prototyping, and design.

Cycling in CPH

Iterations for a tourist information micro site about cycling in Copenhagen – a mini case study about iterations and user testing.

Daily UI

Small UI projects here and there. It helps to use my creative energies, release stress and post something to Instagram.

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Branding, logos, printed and digital design pieces.
Mockups, book covers, banners.

Akademi for Programmering, Oslo

I created a design guide, and consistent visual appearance throughout various media, including social media and newsletter. 

I maintain the website’s content, and I’m a coach here, too.

Printed & digital design

A gallery of various projects, including drink cards, posters, Google Ads banners and miscellaneous graphics. 

Logo design

Logo design and bonus business cards for a Norwegian webshop, using Adobe Illustrator.

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