Projects I coded

Webapp for Huset

A school project where I created a content inventory for Huset, wrote extra text, and fetched event details from WordPress with JSON.

Restaurant Petrograd

A school project where I fetched data from a Google Drive sheet with JSON and displayed it on the main page, and in modals.

Interactive animation

I created spritesheets and made a small, interactive animation with JavaScript. Contains bad puns and cheeky banter.

Fly game

A simple game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Smack the fly to kill it, or resurrect it.

CSS grid

Making a HTML page responsive using CSS grids, and consistent style elements across all pages.

Want to see more?

Check out my GitHub account for more projects, or just to see my code.

My works in CMS


A homepage for Cat Café Budapest, and the cat rescue foundation related to it. This is something personal.

Custom webshop 

Creating a webshop’s design in CMS, teaching employees to use it, uploading products for a local restaurant.

Have you seen the rest of my portfolio?

Daily UI challenge, UI and UX case studies, prototypes, thoughts and experiments.

Branding, logo designs, branding, printed and digital design, promotional materials.