The Story

GoNorth is a project, which is entirely my own idea. It is about an imaginary travel agency that offers guidance for visiting Nordic/Arctic places, while protecting these areas’ ancient heritage.

It’s a personal matter for me, since I’ve always preferred sightseeing or hiking, rather than laying on the seashore for a whole week. However I discovered, that many travellers are not entirely aware of what not to do when for example, visiting Iceland, therefore a travel agency specialized in such areas could fulfill multiple purposes:

  • Decreasing the number of accidents caused by visitors who are not aware of the local challenges
  • Protecting the environment and the landscape
  • Enhancing tourism and business, creating job opportunities in these areas
  • Preserving local culture

If there’s a need for such a business – research would tell 🙂

But now – the design process

I started out on paper, as always, and then started experimenting with Balsamiq. The first, lo-fi wireframe looked like this, and this is what I then started building the design upon.

During the design process, I discovered that this “tile” layout would make more sense on a tablet or mobile view, rather than on a PC. Due to the nature of the project, visuals are crucial, therefore I should make use of full-width sections with background on a PC, and keep the “tile” design for smaller devices.

So the second wireframe, and the final design looked like this.

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