Today’s task is a landing page. As a web designer, it shouldn’t be an issue…
But what about content? As a web designer, I also get written content ready to publish. Copywriting is not one of my favourite things, so how am I going to set up a landing page? Oh well, why not just turn a regular page into a landing page?


The basic idea of a landing page was one of the first things I’ve learnt, even as a social media intern – don’t let the visitor get distracted. Landing pages usually get their visitors from ads, or any other promotional material (QR codes, short urls, etc.) – or even remarketing. The most common goal of these pages is to sell the product that was advertised. If visitors have the option to “escape” to various, irrelevant sub-pages, they will forget why they came here at the first place. So, apart from necessary information, don’t give them anything to click other than checkout. I decided to pick one of Blizzard’s products and create a landing page for that. The original page is not exactly a landing page, so I removed most of the clickable links and features. I found information about shipping, return, customer support and legal documentations important, so I kept them in the footer. Highlighting free shipping in the US is also an incentive to buy – statistics (and comics) show that people are more likely to buy from places that have free shipping without noticing a small difference in the price. The rest of the page is all about the product, even the background is an image of Mercy. This page is all about that Mercy T-shirt that you came here for.