is a page created to promote and sell Don Papa’s coldcuts. It serves as a landing page, as well as supporting SEO.

My task was to create a page that can promote the coldcuts, separate from the other services of the restaurant. It had to resemble the atmosphere of the restaurant’s webpage, so when people land here by clicking an ad, they recognize the brand immediately.

The basic idea of the coldcut plates, is that one can’t enjoy hosting parties if they have to prepare all day. Being at your own party, exhausted from cleaning and cooking all day is not a big deal. The coldcuts however serve as a great dinner, as well as helps keeping the kitchen clean – so you can focus on your guests instead. To enhance this idea, I created HTML banners with quotes of customers that strengthen people to make the decision. Seeing the delicious coldcuts as background images, and reading about how hosting parties can actually be enjoyable is an offer many can’t refuse!