Petra Gergely

Front-end developer in Copenhagen

I speak fluent HTML, CSS, vanilla JavaScript and React.

I co-operate well with designers, marketing people, product people and users. If you need someone to bridge a gap between pure development and any of these departments to make sure you develop a user-friendly and good-looking product, let's talk!

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Your Journey North mockup

Your Journey North

An extensive case study about how I designed and coded a homepage and a React app for my passion project about Nordic tourism.

A long read, focusing on designing, prototyping, and technical implementation.

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Akademi for Programmering design

Akademi for Programmering, Oslo

An extensive case study focusing on visual communication and UX.

A long read about how I work with qualitative and quantitative data, and how I approach usability issues and user feedback.

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About me

I’m a designer and developer, with a genuine passion for both.

I am educated in economics and multimedia design, and took several online courses as well as did a lot of “learning-by-doing” as a freelancer.

I’ve been shifting careers from online marketing, through IT customer care, to UI design and development. I’ve found that my passion is building the digital world.

Due to my background in marketing, it’s natural to me to prioritize users when creating solutions. Both marketing and UX include a lot of research, critical thinking, testing, verifying and adapting a product or service. Catering to the end-user has always been in focus for me, so that’s what I do with the interfaces I build. I strive to make business goals and user needs meet.

People say

“I have known Petra for many years now and known her to be a knowledgeable designer. However, now I have the opportunity to call her my colleague in my academy to teach people programming. Despite the relatively short time that has passed since we started to work together, she has already demonstrated great skills in front end design and architecture. Petra works fast and precise, even under pressure and in challenging circumstances. She is a trustworthy colleague and I hope to work with her on the long run!”

Attila Bulenda, Akademi for Programmering, Oslo
Attila Bulenda, Oslo
Owner of Akademi for Programmering AS

“Petra is a web designer who does not simply get the job done, but brings her creative ideas and marketing-oriented approach to her work! And this approach helped a great deal to our company and our online customers, as well!”

Istvan Glazer, Repeta Vac
Istvan Glazer, Vac
Owner of Repeta Restaurant in Vác, Hungary


WP sites

Real-life projects including design & UX done in CMS like WordPress.

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Daily UI

Releasing creative energies with the occasional Daily UI project.

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Digital and print design, logo, posters, and many more...

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