Book covers, drink cards, business cards, coupons… come on in for an extensive gallery of all these

However print design is not my main field, I educated myself in the field in order to be able to fulfill current clients’ requests for small print works. They found it quicker, and easier to trust the one who created their webpages or other online graphics, with their printed materials, as well.

Book cover

Richard Temesvari hosts training, evenmts and holds consultations to help small businesses find their way in today’s online world. His first book, talking about Profitable Webpages – without wasting money, was released in 2016 october. Its main focus is on what we work for on a daily basis – how inseparable great design and good marketing are.

The book cover was made based on his ideas and sketches, and sent to the printing office for preparing it to print-ready.


What makes a better Christmas present than an extra spinning class for your wife? Or an extra girls’ night out? My client decided to surprise his special other with coupons that offer all these. So I prepared the front and back of the coupons, as well as creating a separate coupon for each of the occasions he listed.

Business cards

A nearby pizza place named Don Pap, needed some business cards for its boss and employees. The request was to make it fit other, already existing brand guidelines – like color, or typography. It’s similar to the webpage in colors, and reflects  the clean, but still cozy atmosphere the restaurant itself represents.

Drink card

A nearby pizza place named Don Papa is serving syrups in all kind of flavours. From the classic ones like strawberry or sour cherry, to special flavours like strawberry-basil or lavender. The syrups are all hand-made, Hungarian specialties from the area of Lake Balaton.