My story

I am studying Multimedia Design at KEA. I started this course to acquire skills I couldn’t get while I was working. I want to learn more about prototyping, UI and UX, and work as a UI designer/developer or help companies in their design handoff processes.

I use my experience and education in design and marketing to understand user behaviour and create delightful digital experiences for them.

Web design started as a hobby back when I was a teen. I used to sit in my room and create templates for MySpace or create artistry for DeviantArt.

I took a little detour to get a BsC in economics, and after finishing university I worked as a social media intern for 6 months. Later, when one of our colleagues left, an opportunity showed up to work with webpages, and webshops – and I grabbed it!

I began to improve my skills in web and UI design – both by self-teaching and “learning by doing”.

I started a web design course in Hungary, won a Google Scholarship and participated in Udacity‘s Front-end developer challenge, and now I’m perfecting my skills at KEA in Copenhagen, as a Multimedia Design student. Besides school I work at a Danish marketing agency, designing webpages for companies in the Nordsjælland area.

I can...

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS
  • WP
  • Adobe PS, AI, XD, ID

I am...

  • Quick learner
  • Versatile
  • Problem solver
  • Structured
  • Organized
  • Attentive to details
  • Reliable

I have been...

  • Team member
  • Freelancer
  • Project manager
  • Teacher

I speak...

  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Danish
  • Hungarian

“I have known Petra for many years now and known her to be a knowledgeable designer. However, now I have the opportunity to call her my colleague in my academy to teach people programming. Despite the relatively short time that has passed since we started to work together, she has already demonstrated great skills in front end design and architecture. Petra works fast and precise, even under pressure and in challenging circumstances. She is a trustworthy colleague and I hope to work with her on the long run!”

Attila Bulenda, Oslo
Owner of Akademi for Programmering AS

“Petra helped with my personal website where she dilligently and efficiently created both the design and the structure. I initially had certain wishes for the website that due to limits on the hosting platform were unavailable, but Petra was very knowledgable about the alternatives. Any feedback or questions I had were answered quickly and I am positive we arrived at the best possible solution.

I hereby give Petra my best recommendations!”

Jeppe Feld, Oslo
consultant for Capgemini Norge

“Petra is a web designer who does not simply get the job done, but brings her creative ideas and marketing-oriented approach to her work! And this approach helped a great deal to our company and our online customers, as well!”

István Glázer, Vác
owner of Repeta Restaurant, Vác