Petra Gergely
Copenhagen-based web/UI designer with a long-time passion for creating functional and beautiful digital products.

I am studying Multimedia Design at KEA. I started this course to get skills I couldn’t get while I was working. I made a lot of websites and digital design over the past 4 years, and I want to learn more about prototyping, UI and UX. I'm a freelancer now, but I'm really looking forward to join a team as a UI/UX designer or a front-end developer.

Web design started as a hobby back when I was a teen, and I used to sit in my room, creating templates for MySpace or artistry for DeviantArt. I took a little detour to economics, but when the opportunity to work with webpages, and webshops showed up  - I grabbed it!



Websites and webshops, wireframes, case studies, responsiveness.

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UI and UX case studies, prototypes, Daily UI challenge, thoughts and experiments.

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Logo designs, branding, printed and digital design, promotional materials.

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Read my latest case studies here:


  • 2018

    Microsite design – a micro case study

    Index page iterations for a tourist information micro site about cycling in Copenhagen – a mini case study about iterations and user testing.

  • 2018

    GoNorth – wireframing, web design, copywriting

    The Story GoNorth is a project, which is entirely my own idea. It is about an imaginary travel agency that offers guidance for visiting Nordic/Arctic places, while protecting these areas’ ancient heritage. It’s a personal matter for me, since I’ve always preferred sightseeing or hiking, rather than laying on the seashore for a whole week. […]

  • 2018

    Daily UI #011 – Flash message (error/success)

    This is a case study about my workflow and a review of Gravit Designer while creating the 11th project of the 100 Day UI challenge. It also got published on I’ve been recently using Gravit a lot for my Daily UI project, just to try and get used to different softwares. Even though Gravit […]